Parent Company PEGATRON Corp.

Parent Company

PEGATRON Corporation was founded on January 1, 2008. With abundant product development experiences and ability of vertical integration, PEGATRON commits itself to providing innovative design, systematic production, and manufacturing service satisfy all customers’ needs.
PEGATRON Its manufacturing business covers various categories from motherboards, personal computers, laptop computers , servers, interface board, CD Roms, tuners, wireless communications products, game consoles and its peripheral equipment, network products, PBX switchers, digital audio and video players to the LCD TV.
PEGATRON features a solid R&D team, friendly andfast service quality as well as a high degree of employee cohesion. It furthermore integrated EMS and ODM industries and become an emerging Design and Manufacturing Service (DMS) company. In consequence PEGATRON is able to offer industry-leading, state-of-the-art products and profitable business opportunities to its partners.
In addition to providing a comprehensive and diversified products, design experiences, specialized manufacturing capacity, and reliable and rapid after-sales service, PEGATRON is also different from others in the industry for its recognition and practice for environmental protection. PEGATRON’s determination and perseverance of pursuing high quality will remain still in the era of fast changing evironment.


Parent Company Kinsus Corp.

Parent Company
Kinsus Corp.

Based on the spirit of “Customer satisfaction, Excellence achieving”, KINSUS is focusing on providing solutions and making profits with leading technologies and correct marketing orientation.
KINSUS keeps decent growth since established in 2000. It was rewarded as best growing companies for consecutive three years on Common Wealth magazine since 2002. The Common Wealth magazine also ranked KINSUS the second best operation performance in top 1,000 manufacturing companies in Taiwan.
The semiconductor industry has been well developed in Taiwan. The strong supply chain has been established based on good human resources and technology incubation. The semiconductor back end technology has been migrated from lead frame into BGA packaging, and moved into Flip-chip packaging. KINSUS complies the flow and grows with the industry by competitive solutions and fast time-to-market services.
Inspired by the credo, honesty, diligence, and refinement, KINSUS strives for business continuity and growth. Emphasizing the development of employees’ potentials, team work, and innovation, KINSUS aims for the ultimate business efficacy and the industrial benchmark among all.
Kinsus will also continue inputting best efforts on environmental protection human society.


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